July 8, 2019  4:00 p.m.
Instructional Planning Center
201 E. 38th Street, Sioux Falls

Dr. Brian L. Maher, Superintendent of Schools


  1. Call to Order
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Business Manager to Issue Oath of Office to Newly Elected Members (Nan Baker and Carly R. Reiter) (No formal action)   (Exhibit)
  4. Approval of June Payroll in the amount of $13,100,538.95 and Claims to Vendors in the amount of $21,579,835.15   (Payroll)  (Claims)  Exhibit Reposted at 11:15 a.m., 7/8/2019
  5. Supplemental Consent Agenda
    1. Approval of Claims to Sanford Training Center in the amount of $8.00 for classroom supplies
  6. Organization of the School Board (Business Manager to Assume Chair)   (Exhibit)
    1. Election of President of School Board (Business Manager Relinquish Chair to New President)
    2. Election of Vice President of School Board
    3. Authorize Pay for School Board Members
    4. Acknowledge the Designation of Banks as Depositories for Funds of the District
    5. Establish the 2nd and 4th Monday of Each Month as Designated Board Meeting Dates
    6. Designate the Sioux Falls Argus Leader as the Official Newspaper
    7. Authorization of Membership to Associated School Boards of South Dakota (ASBSD)
    8. Appointment of Delegate and Alternate Delegate to ASBSD Conference
  7. Approval of Minutes of Meetings Held June 24, 2019 (6-24-2019) 
  8. Persons Wishing to Address the School Board
  9. Approval of Agenda
  10. Good News Report
  11. Conflicts of Interest   (Exhibit)
  12. Approval of Consent Agenda
    1. Approval of Bid Awards   (Exhibit)  
      1. Vendor for Multipurpose Copy Paper
      2. Contractor for Dietitian Services
      3. Vendor for Food Products
    2. Approval of Authorizations and Ratifications   (Exhibit)
      1. Approval of Disposal of Surplus Property
      2. Approval of Contract(s)
      3. Approval of Purchase Orders (over $15,000)
      4. Approval of Additions to and/or Deductions from Contracts (Change Orders)
      5. Amendment of Previous School Board Actions
      6. Acknowledgement of Asbestos Notification (Annual Item)
      7. Appointment of Truancy Officers (Annual Item)
      8. Designation of Administration for Special Projects (Annual Item)
      9. Designation of Administration for Head Start Program (Annual Item)
      10. Designation of Administration for Special Education-Out of District Placements (Annual Item)
      11. Approval of the 2019/2020 Head Start Income/Eligibility Guidelines and the Impasse/Internal Dispute Resolution Policy (Annual Item)
      12. Certification of the Adoption of Comparability Assurance for Title I of the Every Student Succeeds Act (Annual Item)
      13. Authorization of the Grant Application Approval Process (Annual Item)
      14. Acknowledgement of Completion of Tax-Exempt Bond Post Issuance Questionnaire (Annual Item)
      15. Authorization of the Business Manager as Custodian of School District Funds (Annual Item)
      16. Fix the Business Manager/Employees' Bonds (Annual Item)
      17. Adoption of Policies (Annual Item)
      18. Approval of Tuition Rates for 2019/2020 (Annual Item)
      19. Approval of Other District Charges to Students (Annual Item)
      20. Approval of Summer School Tuition Rates (Annual Item)
      21. Approval of Meal Prices for 2019/2020 (Annual Item)
      22. Approval of Charges Relating to Open Records Requests (Annual Item)
      23. Approval of Salary Schedule for Kids Inc./Community Education Classes (Annual Item)
      24. Approval of Part-Time Hourly Rate Salary Schedule (Annual Item)
      25. Approval of Building Rental Rates (Annual Item)
      26. Approval of Regular Payments for Flow-through Funds (Annual Item)
      27. Authorization of School District Partners (Annual Item)
      28. Ratification of VOYA Stop Loss Insurance Renewal
    3. Approval of Finance Report (Exhibit)
    4. Approval of Personnel Report - K-12  (Exhibit)
  13. Reports of the Superintendent
    1. Adoption of FY20 Budget and Certification of Levies to County Auditors  (Exhibit)
    2. Finance Action Network - Opt Out Recommendation  (Exhibit)
    3. Capital Improvement Plan Update and Award Bid for New Middle School  (Exhibit)
  14. Second Reading of Sioux Falls School District Policies/Regulations
    1. Policy BEDH - Public Participation at School Board Meetings  (Exhibit)
  15. Adjournment