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Sioux Falls School Board

Southeast Tech-School Board Meeting

May 26, 2020  4:00 pm
Instructional Planning Center
201 E. 38th Street, Sioux Falls

Cynthia H. Mickelson, President
Robert Griggs, Southeast Tech President

  1. Call to Order
  2. Establish a Quorum
  3. Pledge of Allegiance
  4. Persons Wishing to Address the School Board
  5. Approval of Minutes of a Meeting Held April 8, 2020  (Exhibit)
  6. Approval of Agenda
  7. Conflicts of Interest
  8. Approval of Consent Agenda 
    1. Approval of Authorizations and Ratifications  (Exhibit)
    2. Approval of Consolidated Report of Trust and Agency Funds  (Exhibit)
    3. Approval of Vice President of Finance and Operations Report  (Exhibit)
    4. Approval of Personnel Report  (Exhibit)
  9. Reports of the President
    1. FY21 Budget Presentation  (Exhibit)
    2. Perkins Consortium Report  (Exhibit)
    3. Associate of Applied Science in Paramedic Science   (Exhibit)
  10. Adjournment

**In an effort to comply with the CDC's recommendation of social distancing, we are recommending that members of the public watch the proceedings on KLRN-TV or watch the live stream at  If there is a request to address the Board in person, we will recommend people place six feet between each other at the meeting.  Thank you for your cooperation through this challenging time. **