Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: KJA

School/Community/Home Relations
Relations with Booster and other Parent/Guardian Organizations

It shall be the policy of the Sioux Falls School District to encourage active parent/guardian involvement in support of the school and/or school sponsored student activities/programs. Such involvement may occur only with knowledge and support of building administration.

Parents/Guardians in support of the school and/or school sponsored student activities/programs shall operate subject to the following:

  1. The financial operations of such organizations shall be subject to annual review by the principal and Business Manager or designee. The School Board may request an independent audit of the organization’s accounts if it is deemed necessary. The organization must follow Finance Office procedures for collecting money, providing receipts, and reporting of financial records.
  2. Officers of such parent organizations shall work closely with the faculty advisor for the school sponsored student activity/program and/or the principal. The principal and/or Superintendent shall have veto control over the organization.
  3. Organization of new booster clubs or other parent/guardian organizations must have the approval of the principal.
  4. If a booster club or other parent/guardian organization wishes to accept donations on behalf of or donate to the District, it must follow District policy/regulation KCD/KCD-R.


Related Policies:

KCD/KCD-R – Public Gifts/Donations to Schools


Policy   Board Action (formerly 1230)
Adopted: 03-12-79    
Amended: 10-26-98 28193  
Reviewed: 08-14-00 29660  
Amended: 03-11-02 33101  
Amended: 04-28-08 35036  
Reviewed: 04-09-12 36336  
Reviewed: 03-13-17 37714