Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: KF

School/Community/Home Relations
Community/Staff Use of District Facilities/Properties/Equipment

Community Use of District Facilities/Properties/Equipment
The Sioux Falls School Board, as a community service, permits the use of Sioux Falls School District facilities/properties/equipment by local businesses and community groups for activities of an educational, cultural, civic, social, recreational, governmental, and non-partisan political nature which are sponsored by local organizations, agencies, or institutions.

The Board allows local non-profit and/or civic organizations to utilize District facilities for uses consistent with the above. Subject to the approval of the Board, the Superintendent is directed to maintain procedures which implement the use of District facilities/properties/equipment, and the Business Manager, with approval from the School Board, is directed to establish fees/charges for such use.

Local businesses may use District facilities/properties/equipment for non-commercial purposes only.

District facilities are not available for commercial or for-profit activities except as provided in KHBA-R.

Prohibited uses include:

  • any purpose in conflict with school activities
  • any activity promulgating any theory or doctrine subversive to the laws of the United States or any political subdivision thereof advocating governmental change by violence
  • any activity that may violate the canons of good morals, manners or taste, or be injurious to the buildings, grounds, or equipment
  • commercial advertising
  • partisan political meetings
  • activities which are discriminatory in the legal sense
  • private activities including, but not limited to, wedding receptions, funerals, and memorial services
  • private teaching for which there is a tuition charge either by employees of the District or by any other outside agencies or persons. (The Board may, at its discretion, enter into contract agreements with state-supported institutions of higher learning to offer tuition courses in District facilities.)

District facilities and practice fields will not be available for uses which may have an adverse effect, such as damage to the facility/grounds or unacceptable difficulty in cleaning and maintaining the facility/grounds.

Prohibition of Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco
The use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco or vapor product, whether synthetic or natural, and regardless of nicotine content, and/or carrying any lighted or heated tobacco or vapor product, is prohibited on/in District property/facilities. This includes all enclosed indoor areas under the control of the District including work areas, restrooms, conference and classrooms, cafeterias and hallways as well as District grounds, parking areas, sidewalks surrounding buildings, and District-owned vehicles. Visitors who are observed using tobacco or vapor products on District property will be asked to refrain from doing so and/or asked to vacate District property while doing so. Signs will remind visitors of the tobacco-free environment policy.

Any person, persons, organization, or public body using District facilities/properties/ equipment is responsible to the District for any and all damages that may be caused by reason of the use or occupancy.

The District is not liable for any suit for damages, including but not limited to personal injuries, which might arise as a result of such use or occupancy, regardless of the cause of the injury, including the design, maintenance, and condition of the facility/property/ equipment.


Legal References:

SDCL 13-24-20 Use of school facilities or busses for other community or commercial purposes - compensation - liability for damages
34-46-14 Smoking in public or place of employment prohibited

Related Policies/Regulations:

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GBED– Tobacco-Free Schools/Use by Employees Prohibited
JICG/JICG-R – Tobacco-Free Schools/Use by Students Prohibited
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Policy   Board Action (formerly 1330 & 3270)
Adopted 05-28-68    
Amended 07-14-69    
Amended 05-08-72    
Amended 04-12-76    
Amended 02-13-95 27932  
Amended 08-14-95 28225  
Amended 11-25-96 28663  
Reviewed 06-13-05 34116  
Amended 04-28-08 35034  
Amended 01-10-11 35932  
Reviewed 09-12-11 36163  
Reviewed 06-10-13 36646  
Reviewed 04-13-15 37178  
Amended 05-13-19 38302
Amended 05-11-20 38590