Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: KD

School/Community/Home Relations
Public Information and Communication

The Sioux Falls School District believes strong organizations are built with effective, two-way communication as a foundation. In order to maintain a positive relationship between the schools and the community they serve, the District sets Community Relations goals annually. These goals serve as a roadmap to help both internal and external audiences better understand the ongoing work, accomplishments and needs of the Sioux Falls Public Schools. In addition, a more detailed Communications Plan, also developed annually, sets the course for specific communications to enhance understanding and awareness of the programs, services and reputation of the District.

The School Board authorizes the Superintendent to develop programs and carry out activities which will achieve the stated goals and provide information and activities to build positive relationships between the District and the community it serves.

The Office of Community Relations assists the Superintendent in carrying out these goals.


Policy   Board Action
Adopted: 11-14-05 34261
Amended: 04-26-10  
Reviewed: 11-10-14 37049