Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: KCD

School/Community/Home Relations
Public Gifts/Donations to Schools

Gifts to schools or departments may be accepted by action of the School Board or administration and shall become Sioux Falls School District property.

Donations received due to District staff applying for donations from any source or of any kind (e.g. crowd funding) are subject to this policy and regulation if the organization requires the applicant to be an employee of a school district or the applicant uses the District or school’s name in the application. Such applications must receive pre-approval from the Building/Program Administrator.

All gifts shall be accepted in the name of the District and become the property of the District, but may be designated for use in a particular school or department by the donor. All monetary gifts shall be deposited into a District or school trust and agency account.

Only items of legitimate use in the school program shall be accepted.

The School Board is under no obligation to replace the gift if it is destroyed or becomes worn out.

Gifts shall not be accepted if there is excessive cost of maintenance or installation.

Where installation is required, the gift shall be installed under the supervision of District personnel.


Legal References:

13-14-5 Acceptance of gifts and donations to school districts-Agreements, rules and regulations
13-16-1 Sources of school district funds
13-16-2 Types of funds enumerated


Policy   Board Action (formerly 3280)
Adopted: 05-28-68 13052  
Amended: 05-10-76 16677  
Amended: 01-27-86 22553  
Amended: 10-27-97 28911  
Reviewed: 08-14-00 29660  
Amended: 04-10-06 34394  
Reviewed: 05-23-11 36060  
Reviewed: 04-13-15 37178  
Amended: 02-26-18 37965