Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: JQ-R

Student Fees, Fines and Charges

  1. No fee shall be charged for materials, textbooks, supplies, or for any class activity, including assemblies, which are used in the determination of a grade. A student and/or the student’s parent/guardian shall, however, be required to provide the replacement cost of lost or damaged school materials, textbooks, and equipment (eg. chromebooks and ipads).
  2. Student supplies which are the personal property of a student, although used in the instructional process, are purchased by the student. This includes pencils, papers, notebooks, computer accessories, crayons, scissors, and similar personal or consumable items over which a student retains ownership. Student supplies will be available in each school for students who cannot afford to purchase these items.
  3. Musical instruments purchased or rented from an outside source by the student are the personal property of the student. Instruments are available in schools for students who cannot afford to purchase or rent them. Students who do not qualify for free or reduced lunch, but request and are granted the use of a school instrument will be charged a maintenance fee to maintain playing condition of the instrument. In order to complete instrumentation in a band or an orchestra, the Sioux Falls School District may provide specialized instruments to students such as tubas, bassoons, and string basses at no charge to the student.
  4. School supplied materials will be available for all required projects. Students may provide their own materials for required projects if they wish. Whether students choose a project completed with school-supplied materials or materials purchased with their own funds, their grade will be based on skills demonstrated regardless of the materials used.
  5. Teachers requiring typed projects must provide student access to computers to complete the project.
  6. Students may not be required to purchase uniforms for any academic program for which credit is given.
  7. Charges related to the school lunch program are not considered fees, but free and reduced lunches are available for students who meet the criteria.
  8. Charges for class rings, class shirts, and similar articles not required for participation in a class or activity are not fees. Purchases of this nature are the choice and responsibility of the student.


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Regulation   Board Action (formerly 6161.1)
Approved 05-28-68    
Revised 06-14-76    
Revised 06-24-96 28520  
Revised 07-11-05 34149  
Revised 06-28-10 35745  
Reviewed 11-10-14 37049  
Revised 02-10-20 38517