Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: JLIA-R

Supervision of Students

All teachers must have written management procedures for their classroom established, reviewed by the appropriate administrator, and on file in each instructional area. These procedures should include an organizational system for routine tasks such as taking attendance, collecting forms and money, and making announcements. There should also be special instructions for substitute teachers and a copy of the Sioux Falls School District’s Emergency Management Plan which includes plans for emergency supervisory procedures.

Teachers will arrange their teaching area to provide a safe environment for students.

In cases where students can be in more than one instructional area, it is the teacher’s responsibility to establish and maintain classroom procedures which assure appropriate supervision and safety of students in all areas.

In teaching areas that have equipment and/or materials that can cause harm, the teacher will develop safety rules or utilize District developed safety rules if provided. A discussion of safety issues shall take place prior to the use of any equipment and/or materials that can cause harm. Safety procedures and proper handling of equipment/ materials will be demonstrated by the teacher prior to any use of such materials. All safety rules will be posted and strictly enforced by the teachers. The instructor will review these safety procedures with students periodically.


Regulation   Board Action
Approved: 09-09-96 28596
Revised: 11-13-07 34883
Revised: 11-14-11 36215
Revised: 11-12-13 36768