Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: JLCE

First Aid and Emergency Medical Care

Annual Emergency Health Update
A form titled “Annual Emergency Health, Student Update and Authorizations” shall be completed for each student upon entry into school and updated each fall and as needed throughout the year. Information from each Annual Emergency Health, Student Update and Authorizations form should be updated on the student’s computer record and kept on file in the school office.

First Aid Supplies/Training
Every school should have first aid supplies, equipment and instructions located in a readily identifiable and accessible area. School first aid training should be made available on a regular basis.

Injury/Illness Procedure
If a student is injured or becomes ill at school, an effort should be made by the available personnel to contact the parents/guardians of the student for information and instructions. If a parent/guardian or designated persons cannot be contacted and/or the illness or injury is believed to require immediate medical attention, the person in charge should arrange for the student to be taken to a doctor or hospital for treatment. Action on the part of District personnel does not obligate personnel or the school system to assume financial responsibility for the transportation or treatment of the student. Under no circumstances should the student be permitted to go home alone without parent/guardian permission.

Accident Reports
Student incidents that result in a referral, or potential for referral, for further medical care should be reported to the principal or supervisor. Student incident report forms provided by the Health Services Office should be completed by the person in charge when the incident occurs. Incident reports are to be sent to the Health Services Office with a copy retained in the building. If there are liability concerns related to a student incident, the Supervisor of Health Services or administrator who received the initial report will notify Legal Services. Legal Services will notify the insurance company.

Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Orders
The School Board recognizes that students with life-threatening health problems attend school. The Board recognizes the right of parents/guardians to make decisions regarding health care measures for their children. However, the school environment must be orderly, safe, and free from threats to the wellbeing of all students.

Implementation of a Do Not Resuscitate order in the school setting shall be limited to court ordered requests with a written physician order stating specific interventions that can and cannot be performed for the student and a written statement from both parents/guardians stating that they have discussed the possible interventions with the ordering physician and agree with the order.

The Supervisor of Health Services shall review the physician’s orders and parental statement for clarification purposes. An individual health care plan shall be written by the assigned nurse in consultation with the Supervisor of Health Services, and the plan will be shared with the parents/guardians. Training and counseling of the school staff will be completed regarding the expectations. Do Not Resuscitate orders will become effective when all steps have been completed.

Do Not Resuscitate orders must be renewed annually.


Regulation   Board Action (formerly 5142)
Approved 05-28-86    
Amended 04-10-89 24636  
Policy 07-22-96 28559  
Amended 03-22-99 29291  
Amended 11-13-07 34882  
Reviewed 02-13-12 36280  
Reviewed 05-09-16 37465  
Amended 05-23-21 38883