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Communicable/Infectious Diseases

The School Board recognizes the need and right of all children to receive free and appropriate education. The Board further recognizes its responsibility to provide a healthy environment for students and school employees.

School Attendance
The determination of whether an infected or potentially infected student is excluded from the classroom or school activities and how the student’s needs will be met shall be made on a case by case basis, under the direction of the building principal/building administrator or designee with consultation from the assigned school nurse and Supervisor of Health Services as appropriate.

In situations that require additional knowledge or where the student may be out of school for five (5) or more consecutive school days, the principal and school nurse will consult with the Supervisor of Health Services. Consideration regarding the need to exclude a student from school shall include the characteristics of the contagious disease, the medical condition of the student, and expected interaction with others in the school setting. If additional information is needed, consultation with medical care providers, the State Health Department, Center for Disease Control, and/or other experts may be necessary.

If the School District has reasonable cause to believe that a student is an infected individual, additional medical information may be needed before the student may return to school. If an infected student is not permitted to attend classes for twenty (20) consecutive or intermittent school days, the District will provide the student with an appropriate educational program.

Information will not be revealed to the public about a student who may have a communicable disease. Appropriate information will be provided to school employees and/or the public if the potential for communicability is a factor.

Classroom health checks and letters informing parents of communicable diseases may be done in the case of an outbreak at the discretion of the school nurse in coordination with District administrative staff or at the direction of state health officials.

Infection Control
Employees are required to follow infection control practices where all body fluids are treated as if they are contaminated. Equipment and supplies needed to apply universal precautions will be provided.

If a situation occurs at school in which a student might have been exposed to an infectious agent, such as an instance of blood-to-blood contact, the school principal or designee shall inform the parents/guardians to seek medical advice.


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Policy   Board Action (formerly 5140.2)
Adopted: 06-09-86 22820  
Amended: 08-11-86 22947  
Amended: 01-11-88 23848  
Amended: 07-22-96 28559  
Amended: 03-23-99 29291  
Amended: 12-12-05 34282  
Reviewed: 11-27-06 34584  
Reviewed: 04-25-11 36037  
Amended: 11-12-13 36768  
Reviewed: 10-13-14 37024