Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: JKA

Corporal Punishment and Crisis Intervention


The use of corporal punishment, defined as any act of physical force upon a student for the purpose of punishing that student, is not acceptable in the Sioux Falls School District and will not be tolerated as a disciplinary measure.

The use of prone restraint by school district employees, defined as physical pressure applied to any part of the student’s body to keep the student in a face down position on the floor or other surface, is prohibited, except when the use is necessary and reasonable in manner and moderate in degree.

The use of seclusion, defined as involuntary confinement of a student locked alone in a room, is prohibited, unless there is a clear and present danger. Seclusion does not include classroom timeouts, supervised in-school detentions, and/or the use of voluntary break rooms.

Crisis Intervention:

Physical interventions that are reasonable and necessary for supervisory control over students may be used only as a last resort. Physical interventions shall not be used when less restrictive interventions can successfully maintain the safety of all persons involved in the incident. Physical intervention involves the use of safe and unharmful control and restraint of a student. Physical interventions may be appropriate in the following situations:

  • For the purpose of self defense
  • To protect other persons from physical injury
  • To protect the student from self-injury
  • To protect property of the school or of others
  • To remove a student if the student has refused to comply with requests to refrain from disruptive behaviors.

Physical Interventions shall end as soon as the dangerous behavior ends or a medical condition places the student at risk of harm.

Staff members likely to use physical interventions shall be trained in proper crisis prevention and restraint techniques and procedures on an annual basis. The Crisis Prevention Institute’s Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training Program will be used. The District may require the following staff members to receive training: administrators, behavior staff, self-contained classroom staff, counselors, and success coordinators. The Special Services Director will maintain a log of trained District staff and each person’s certification status.

Notification Procedures:

In the event that any corporal punishment, prone restraint, seclusion, or physical intervention is used, the following reporting procedures will be followed:

  1. A teacher, support staff or administrator involved must file a written report using a specific incident report form. The report will be filed with the building principal and a copy will be sent to the Superintendent’s Office within 24 hours of the incident.
  2. The report shall relate all relevant details of the incident, including date, time and place, what action was taken, why the action was taken, and what measures, if any, had been taken to prevent the need for such actions.
  3. The parent/guardian will be notified by the end of the day. If circumstances do not allow that, a letter will be sent.
  4. The report will be kept on file and be made available to the parent/guardian upon request.
  5. The parent/guardian will be given an opportunity to confer with the student, staff members, and the administrators involved in the incident to discuss the situation. The conference will take place at an agreed upon time.

This policy will be reviewed with every new employee. Annually, all employees will receive an overview, along with instructions to access the full policy on the District website, and will sign an acknowledgement form indicating they have received the information.


Legal References:
SDCL 13-32-2. Physical force authorized when reasonable and necessary - Attendance at school functions away from premises - Authority of bus drivers


Policy   Board Action (formerly 5131.4)
Approved: 08-13-90 25619F  
Amended: 06-23-97 28820  
Amended: 10-23-06 34559  
Reviewed: 05-09-11 36051  
Amended: 05-09-16 37464  
Amended: 05-14-18 38033