Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: JK

Student Discipline, Suspension and Expulsion

The Sioux Falls School Board has the authority to make reasonable and necessary rules governing the conduct of students in schools. Teachers and school administrators will administer discipline within the State law, Administrative rules and specific policies relating to student behavior and discipline as adopted by the Board. The Board has a responsibility to establish rules which will assist in (1) avoiding disruption of the school program; (2) preventing the invasion of the rights of others; (3) protecting school property; and (4) alleviating any danger to the health, safety and welfare of the student body and the staff.

All students will be under the jurisdiction of these rules while in any school or other District buildings, on District property, in District vehicles or school buses and at any school sponsored activity or event.

School administrators, supervisors, and teachers have disciplinary authority over all students while the students are in school or participating in or attending school sponsored activities whether on or off school premises.

Students may also be disciplined for behavior occurring outside the school day that disrupts school or that creates a health or safety factor for the school, its students or its programs.

The teacher has the responsibility to maintain a suitable environment for learning, and administration has the responsibility for maintaining and facilitating the educational program. The teacher has the authority to send a student from class to an appropriate school official. The principal, Superintendent, and Board are authorized by statute to suspend students.

Students shall be afforded due process rights. This includes the right to (1) be informed of conduct which could result in disciplinary action against the student; (2) notice of any rule violation; (3) explanation of the evidence supporting the charge; (4) an opportunity to present the student's side of the story; and (5) a penalty that is appropriate to the violation.

Suspension/Expulsion of Students
Suspension or expulsion should be limited to those situations where it is necessary for the continuance of an orderly educational process and to protect persons, property and the right of others to learn. Suspension and expulsion are to be used judiciously with the goal of returning a student to school as quickly as is feasible.

The Board authorizes suspension or expulsion of any student from school for misconduct as outlined in regulation JK-R and in accordance with the law. The Board authorizes the Superintendent to promulgate rules which are clear and direct concerning student misconduct which may result in suspension or expulsion from school attendance. The District will maintain a district-wide progressive discipline matrix for all non-specialized behavior programs for each of the following age groups: Kindergarten- Second Grade, Third Grade-Fifth Grade, Middle School, and High School. The matrixes will be available on the District website and will be provided to each student and their parents/guardians at the beginning of the school year, or at the time of enrollment. The matrixes will define infractions and consequences and set forth the minimum consequence to be given for each violation.

The Superintendent shall cause these policies to be periodically reviewed to provide a basis for improvement and revision. Changes in rules shall not take effect, however, until reasonable effort has been made to distribute such changes to all students and parents/guardians

Students with Disabilities or Substantially Limiting Health Conditions
Whenever a student identified as having a disability is subjected to suspensions which exceed ten consecutive school days in any one year or there has been a series of removals that constitute a pattern of behavior that exceed ten cumulative days in the school year, the Superintendent shall make a referral to the respective placement committee or 504 team.


Legal Reference:

SDCL Ch. 13-32 Supervision and Conduct of School
SDCL Ch. 13-37 Special Assistance and Related Services
ARSD 24:07 Student Due Process
ARSD 24:05 Special Education Discipline
Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act

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Policy   Board Action (formerly 5131.1)
Adopted 05-28-68    
Amended 08-13-90 25619D  
Amended 09-11-95 28253  
Reviewed 09-27-04 33920  
Amended 05-14-07 34723  
Reviewed 01-28-07 34944  
Reviewed 05-27-08 35063 (effective 8-18-08)
Reviewed 02-08-10 35616  
Reviewed 05-09-11 36051  
Amended 03-12-12 36312  
Reviewed 03-10-14 36857  
Amended 05-11-15 37211  
Reviewed 06-13-16 37488  
Reviewed 06-10-19 38337
Reviewed 04-13-20 38569