Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: JJI

Student Athletics and Activities

The School Board believes the interscholastic athletic and activities programs are an important and integral part of the total school program and shall be open to participation by all students who meet Board and South Dakota High School Activities Association (SDHSAA) requirements. Participation in high school activities is open to only high school students (grades 9 to 12), except as explained in the following paragraphs. The District will conduct an assessment to determine the athletic interests and abilities of District students at least once every five years or if (1) the response rate to the prior survey was less than fifty percent; (2) there has been a complaint of underrepresentation; (3) there is a request for the addition of new teams; and/or (4) there are significant changes in District demographics and/ or enrollment.

In the event a Sioux Falls School District SDHSAA sanctioned athletic program exists that allows for individual athlete participation without opportunity for 7th and 8th grade students to participate in a like program at the middle school level, the 7th and 8th grade students shall have the opportunity to practice with the high school team. Such programs are wrestling, tennis and golf. Seventh and eighth grade students in such a program determined to have high ability may compete on the junior varsity or varsity high school team at the discretion of the coach.

In the District SDHSAA sanctioned individual team athletic programs of cross-country, track and field, and gymnastics, 7th and 8th grade students determined to have high ability may petition to compete on the varsity high school team.

The Board believes that the success of any activity should be judged primarily on the basis of the positive experience created by and for all who are associated in the activity; the students, parents, and coaches/directors. The Board recognizes that playing to win is one element of a positive experience, but the win/loss record of any team is not the sole means for evaluating success. The extent to which Board policy, activities handbook rules, and program goals are met will be important criteria for evaluating the success of any program.


Policy   Board Action
Adopted 11-10-97 28922
Amended 07-27-98 29136
Amended 04-10-00 29546
Reviewed 07-08-02 33290
Amended 08-11-03 33609
Amended 12-22-03 33713
Amended 03-27-06 34385
Amended 10-11-10 35851
Amended 09-09-13 36717
Amended 06-10-19 38338