Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: JJH

Student Travel

Out of District Travel
The Sioux Falls School District permits out of district travel for course-related and co-curricular related activities. The travel should further the learning that is taking place in the classroom or expand upon participation in co-curricular activities. Travel should be limited to educational experiences that cannot be acquired at the school.

The Superintendent is authorized to develop regulations regarding student travel. These regulations should give guidance on the reasonable expense for the trip, provide for a maximum parents should be expected to pay, provide means by which all students can earn the remaining cost of the trip, and establish a fund to help defray the cost for students who cannot afford the trip.

The Superintendent/Designee is authorized to cancel any student trip outside of the District due to unsafe or unforeseeable conditions. In the event of a cancellation for any reason, the Sioux Falls School District is not responsible for any non-refundable amounts paid to third parties.

Schools should limit the number of out of district travel days and are encouraged to schedule travel around or in conjunction with weekends and school vacation days during the school calendar year.


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Policy   Board Action (formerly 6145.6)
Adopted 03-26-79 18098  
Amended 08-09-93 27405.4j  
Amended 10-23-95 28292  
Reviewed 08-14-00 29660  
Amended 01-13-03 33412  
Reviewed 11-08-04 33961  
Reviewed 02-28-05 34043  
Reviewed 12-11-06 34600  
Reviewed 09-08-08 35153  
Reviewed 01-10-11 35931  
Reviewed 05-13-13 36623  
Reviewed 04-14-14 36885  
Reviewed 10-13-14 37024  
Reviewed 06-12-17 37789  
Amended 12-07-20 38764