Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: JJE

Student Fundraising Activities

The School Board recognizes that fundraising may be a necessary part of school life in elementary, middle and high schools. Such fundraising programs or activities must have the approval of a Building/Program Administrator, must serve the educational goals of the school, and must be used for the direct benefit of the school sponsored projects and programs.

The Building/Program Administrator must be made aware of any fundraising done by the students, parents, staff, or community on behalf of the school or school sponsored programs. Approval may be granted only when there is a defined and specific purpose that benefits students. Fundraising may be approved to supplement School District funds where the Building/Program Administrator feels it is appropriate to meet the educational needs of students.

Students may not participate on school property in fundraising for non-school sponsored organizations unless it is for a school approved community service project. A community service project is a project initiated by students or staff for the school wide community approved by a Building/Program Administrator to benefit the local or global community. Such projects involve providing a service, raising funds, and/or collecting needed items.

Fundraising activities will have minimal impact on instructional time. Building administrators are encouraged to use PROtime at the middle school and ad room at the high school for activities and information related to fundraising. Fundraising in the elementary schools is primarily a parent responsibility and should require minimal instructional time. Parents and students at any level are free to participate or not to participate in these efforts. (For fundraising related to student travel see Policy/Regulation JJH/JJH-R.)

Schools are encouraged to cooperate with local businesses for fundraising efforts when the product used for fundraising can be obtained locally.

The administration is directed to establish regulations under which fundraising activities in support of school sponsored projects and programs shall be conducted.

Charitable Organization Fundraising Projects

Non-profit organizations often ask for the cooperation of the District in publicizing their fundraising activities. Publication and distribution of fundraising material will be limited to school sponsored community service projects. The District does not distribute fundraising material for outside organizations/businesses.

Students may solicit contributions, in money or in kind or by selling fundraising products, for non-school non-profit organizations only when such solicitation is for a school sponsored community service learning project. Individual buildings, classrooms, or student organizations may initiate community service projects as part of the instructional program and solicit contributions, in money or in kind or by selling fundraising products only after approval of the project by the Building/Program Administrator.

Non-school sponsored organizations may not solicit contributions, in money or in kind or by selling fundraising products, from students on school property unless it is for a school approved community service project.

Information and activities related to for-profit organizations are handled in accordance with Policy KHBA/KHBA-R and Policy KF/KF-R.


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Policy   Board Action (formerly 6145.8)
Adopted: 09-13-82 20474  
Amended: 07-08-91 26287T  
Amended: 09-27-93 27432.3e  
Amended: 03-23-98 29020  
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