Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: JJAB

Limited Open Forum in Middle and High Schools (Grades 6-12)

The School Board regards student clubs and organizations as an important part of the education and development of students.

As used in this policy:

  1. "School" shall mean a Sioux Falls public school.
  2. "Club" shall mean a group of students in grades 6-12 of the school who wish to organize and meet for common goals, objectives, or purposes not including school activities.
  3. "Sponsored club" shall mean a club which is curriculum related and directly under the sponsorship, direction, and control of the school.
  4. "Non-sponsored club" shall mean any other student-initiated club which is not under the sponsorship, direction, or control of the school, except as provided in this policy.

The school shall provide equal access and a fair opportunity to all clubs to organize and to meet on school premises during the times established for such meetings. The school will not discriminate against any club on the basis of the religious, political, philosophical, or other content of speech at the meetings of such clubs.

Sponsored clubs shall be sponsored by a member of the faculty or administration of the school and be curriculum related. The school shall not sponsor clubs which advocate particular religious or political beliefs or beliefs which tend to create adversarial situations among students in the school or beliefs which are subversive.

Non-sponsored clubs shall have an approved monitor. The school and the School District shall not be identified or associated with the goals, objectives, activities, beliefs, or opinions of any non-sponsored club or its members.

The Superintendent or designee shall implement this policy by establishing written guidelines for sponsored and non-sponsored clubs.


Legal References:

Equal Access Act, 20 USC Section 4071-4074
Boy Scouts of America Equal Access Act, 20 USC Section 7905

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Policy   Board Action (formerly 6145.55)
Adopted: 03-11-91 25981C  
Amended: 01-08-01 29761  
Amended: 04-14-08 35019  
Reviewed: 11-14-11 36215  
Reviewed: 02-13-17 37688