Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: JJAA

High School Activity Rules

Student participation in school activities is a privilege, not a right. Students who choose to participate in school activities are expected to positively represent their school and community by demonstrating appropriate behavior year round.

Students participating in school activities are required to conduct themselves with respect for self and others through their actions, language, and dress. Students who choose to participate in school activities represent their community and school at public events and performances. Student activity participants are expected to demonstrate behavior that reflects positively on the individual, the school, and the community year round.


Legal References:

13-32-9Suspension from extracurricular activities for controlled substance violation--Notice to South Dakota High School Activities Association.

Related Policies/Regulations:

JK/JK-R - Student Discipline


Policy   Board Action
Adopted: 03-10-97 28737
Reviewed: 07-08-02 33290
Reviewed: 09-25-06 34538
Amended: 02-28-11 35981
Reviewed: 04-09-12 36338
Amended: 10-08-12 36474
Amended: 05-27-14 36920
Reviewed: 09-08-14 36701
Reviewed: 07-27-15 37260
Reviewed: 05-09-16 37465
Reviewed: 05-14-18 38033