Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: JHCB

Released Time for Religious Instruction

A child may, on application of his or her parent or guardian, be excused from school for one hour per week for the purposes of taking and receiving religious instruction conducted by a church or association of churches. The School Board authorizes the administration to decide at what hour students may be excused. No such instruction may be given in whole or in part at public expense. The Board may allow the student to accumulate up to four hours per month of excused leave time to be taken consecutively on any one day or two hours to be taken on any two days.


Legal References:

13-33-10 – Released time for religious instruction.


Policy   Board Action (formerly 6113)
Adopted: 05-28-68    
Amended: 06-14-76    
Amended: 08-12-91 26363B  
Amended: 03-25-02 33110  
Amended: 05-11-09 35374  
Reviewed: 03-10-14 36857