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Student Attendance

School is preparation for future life. It is important that habits of regular attendance be developed. Regular attendance establishes a pattern of responsibility and commitment that will serve students throughout their lives, including post-high school education and the workplace.

Consistent school attendance has a high positive correlation to academic success and school completion. A student's contribution and achievement in class are directly related to attendance. Research shows that students learn best when they attend school every day. When students miss school, they miss important lessons and essential skills they need for academic success. Students and parents/guardians must understand that students miss a vital portion of their education when they are absent from class. Activities that take place in the classroom are a vital part of the teaching-learning process. Teachers will communicate with students and parents/guardians about the effect of attendance upon student achievement and success in their class and in their lives as adults.

Ten or more absences in a school year is considered to be excessive by the Sioux Falls School District.

Parents are obligated to see that school age students attend school regularly.


Legal References:

SDCL Ch. 13-27 Compulsory School Attendance

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Policy   Board Action (formerly 5110)
Adopted: 05-28-68 13052  
Amended: 07-08-85 22227  
Amended: 09-11-89 24969R  
Reviewed: 01-08-01 29762  
Amended: 01-28-08 34942 (effective 8-18-08)
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