Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: JEBA

Ages of Attendance

The privilege of attending public school shall be free to all school age persons with school residence within the School District and to all South Dakota resident students open enrolled into the District until they complete a prescribed school program or until they reach the age of 21.

Any child who is five years old on the first day of September is eligible for enrollment in kindergarten or junior kindergarten during that school year. A student who is enrolled in school and becomes 21 years of age during the fiscal school year shall have free school privileges and be considered to be of legal school age during that school year.

The District may offer specialized programs for children younger than the compulsory school attendance age if funds are available from alternative sources. Children would qualify for these programs subject to the eligibility entrance requirements of the funding source. A fee may be charged for early childhood services for any child under the age of compulsory attendance who is not enrolled in kindergarten or a more advanced grade and who is not enrolled under a program whose eligibility criteria prohibits charging a fee.

Children in need of special education or special education and related services
Children who, because of severe disabilities, have been identified and evaluated as needing prolonged assistance are to receive appropriate educational and related services beginning at birth through age two.

Children who have been identified and evaluated as needing special education are to receive a free appropriate public education at age three through the completion of the State requirements for a standard high school diploma or age 21.


Legal References:

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Policy   Board Action (formerly 5112)
Adopted 05-28-86 13052  
Amended 06-12-78 17643  
Amended 04-27-98 29054  
Amended 06-12-06 34446  
Amended 06-14-10 35728  
Reviewed 10-13-14 37024  
Amended 02-10-20 38517