Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: JC


School Attendance Areas
The administration will recommend to the School Board the boundaries of the various schools in the School District and will assign students, considering its duty to provide equal educational opportunities and to assign students in the best interest of the student population. Individual school attendance district boundaries may be changed as population conditions warrant or capacities of buildings require adjustment of student loads, or with construction of new school buildings.
When developing new boundary recommendations, the administration will consider, and balance, the following factors:
  1. Quality Education for All Students
    • Ensure equitable space for programs in District schools.
    • Maintain geographically balanced placement of special education programs.
  2. Student Safety/Well Being
    • Provide safe walking routes to school throughout the District.
    • Strive to ensure equity in the maximum amount of time similarly-situated students must spend on a bus.
  3. Budget Considerations
    • Economize transportation costs by not bussing students out of natural walk areas wherever possible.
    • Reassign student attendance areas in order to maintain maximum cost efficiency in the District’s funds.
  4. Natural Borders as School Boundary Lines
    • Keep contiguous neighborhoods together wherever possible.
    • Ensure that students will move into middle and high schools with their neighborhood classmates wherever possible.
  5. Accommodate Growth and Change
    • Analyze 5-year city growth patterns to attempt to preserve newly drawn boundaries for a minimum of five years.
    • Set attendance areas according to anticipated growth or aging out of neighborhoods.6: Student, Parent, and Community Input
    • Assess information gathered from a community input survey, and/or• Assess information gathered from community input sessions.


Legal Reference:

13-28-15 Assignment of elementary student within district - Factors considered - Review of board’s decision.
13-28-19 Assignment of students by school board.


Policy   Board Action (formerly 5117)
Adopted: 05-28-68 13052  
Amended: 08-11-86 22947  
Amended: 02-25-02 30086  
Amended: 03-23-09 35333  
Amended: 09-09-13 36715  
Amended 01-14-19 38210