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Summer Instructional Programs

The Sioux Falls School District will offer various K-12 summer instructional programs for remediation, maintenance of skills, and enrichment. Credit courses shall be offered for grades 9-12. All classes offered for credit must meet state requirements for accreditation. The summer remediation, maintenance and enrichment programs must be fully supported by student fees or federal allocations.


Policy   Board Action (formerly 6174.1)
Adopted: 05-28-68    
Amended: 03-10-69    
Amended: 06-14-76    
Amended: 08-12-91 26363C  
Amended: 09-28-98 29172  
Amended: 08-08-05 34172  
Amended: 01-25-10 35603  
Reviewed: 04-14-16 37440