Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: GCRD

Tutoring or Services for Pay

No employee may charge a fee for any service rendered to a student on the school premises, nor can these services be rendered during the employee’s contracted school day. No employees may provide fee-based services related to the courses they teach or services they provide during the contracted school year to a student who is a part of the employee’s professional caseload, or if such services create a conflict of interest as defined by Policy GBEAA – Conflict of Interest.

Services initiated prior to the assignment of a student to an employee’s caseload must be discontinued. To comply with the District’s Conflict of Interest Policy and the professional code’s conflict of interest laws, each employee must file with the building principal or administrative supervisor a list of District students they are serving for a fee. The names of students and the dates services began and/or ended must be included.

A list of certified employees offering tutoring, services, or private lessons is on file with the Curriculum Services Department and is available to students and parents/guardians upon request. The availability of this list is intended to allow parents/guardians to obtain desired services from persons other than the employee to whom the student is currently assigned. It is understood that tutoring, services, or private lessons are outside the scope of an employee’s contract with the School District. Therefore, the District will not provide supervision of the employee, nor will District employees become involved in mediating disputes which arise during tutoring, services, or private lessons. Employees may not use school facilities, supplies, materials, or equipment when tutoring or rendering services for a fee.

Staff who work as an employee and not an independent contractor for organizations, businesses or groups outside the District may provide services to students who are also in their classes or receiving their services, provided enrollment in the organization or group is by tryout or open enrollment on a first come first served basis. If enrollment is by tryout, the District employee may not be the sole determiner of participation. Participation in the outside organization or group may not in any way influence a student’s grade.


Legal Reference:

ARSD 24:08:03 Code of Professional Ethics
ARSD 24:11:03 Code of Professional Ethics

Related Policies:

GBEAA - Conflict of Interest
KF/KF-R - Staff/Community Use of School Facilities


Policy   Board Action
Adopted: 05-28-68  
Amended: 04-12-76  
Amended: 09-28-92 (In master contract. In 1995 removed from contract, put back in policy books)
Amended: 07-08-96 28545
Reviewed: 02-25-02 30087
Amended: 06-24-02 33175
Amended: 11-10-08 35208
Corrected: 11-24-08 35214 (consent agenda)
Reviewed: 02-13-12 36280
Reviewed: 03-13-17 37714