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Staff Participation in Community Activities

The school and community should not be considered separate and apart but as working as a unified whole in the process of educating the students enrolled in the District. The community should be well-informed on the total activities of the school and vice versa.

Staff members automatically become public relations agents in their contacts with the community. A constructive and well-informed point of view on the part of staff members is indispensable in maintaining an effective school system.

Staff members are expected to cooperate with the various groups in the community. Staff members are encouraged to partner or interact with parent groups and community organizations.


Policy   Board Action (formerly 1311)
Adopted: 05-28-68    
Amended: 04-12-76    
Amended: 05-13-96 28482  
Amended: 02-27-06 34355  
Amended: 12-13-10 35901  
Reviewed: 01-11-16 37364