Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: GBEA


All applicants will be considered for employment on the basis of their qualifications. However, no person will be employed in a position where he/she would be related to his or her immediate supervisor. A person who is related to another employee or applicant shall not participate in any decision to hire, retain, promote, evaluate, or determine the salary of that person.

Related persons include: spouse, parent, sibling, child, grandparent, grandchild, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, first cousin, or member of the same household. These relationships include step, half, and/or in-law relationships.

Should a marriage/cohabitation, the hiring of a supervisor, or District reorganization create a situation in violation of this policy, the violation will be remedied by the transfer of one immediate family member as soon as practical to a vacancy for which he or she is qualified with no loss in pay.

The Superintendent, and the Board Members, shall be recused from any personnel actions directly regarding a related person.

Any employee who believes a violation of this policy has occurred should immediately report his or her observation to the Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services. The Assistant Superintendent will investigate the allegations and take appropriate action.

The Assistant Superintendent may also investigate complaints of undue influence, favoritism, or other conflicts of interest involving District employees who are immediate family members but who are not involved in any supervisory relationship.

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Policy   Board Action
Adopted: 11-27-00 29734
Amended: 04-10-02 33117
Amended: 02-28-05 34047
Amended: 01-12-09 35261
Reviewed: 05-23-11 36060
Reviewed: 08-24-15 37275
Amended: 02-08-16 37389
Reviewed: 06-13-16 37489