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Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: GB

Working Agreements - Recognition of Bargaining Units

The Sioux Falls School District negotiates terms and conditions of employment with the following associations and unions:

  • Custodians - ASFCME Local 1025
  • Custodial Managers' Association
  • Child Nutrition - UFCW Local 304A
  • Sioux Falls Association of Educational Secretaries
  • Sioux Falls Education Assistant Association
  • Sioux Falls Education Association
  • Sioux Falls Administrators' Association
  • Specialists' Association

Working agreements can be accessed on the District website.


Policy   Board Action (formerly 4113)
Adopted: 09-27-93 27432.3f  
Amended: 09-23-02 33335  
Reviewed: 06-23-08 35086  
Reviewed: 11-14-11 36215  
Reviewed: 12-12-16 37652