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Staff Transportation of Students in Private Vehicles

Use of Private Vehicles for School Purposes
The School Board recognizes the need for some school employees to use their own vehicles to transport students for school purposes. To safeguard the School District, employees, and students in matters of liability, particularly as it relates to an employee transporting a student or students, the following procedures shall be followed.

  1. To use a private vehicle to transport students for school purposes, the individual must have authorization by the building principal or program supervisor.
  2. Individuals who are routinely assigned to transport students shall annually undergo a South Dakota driving records check. In determining whether a person is approved to transport students, the information revealed in a driving records check will be judged according to the following factors:
    • The type of incident revealed.
    • The applicant’s efforts and success at rehabilitation.
    • The likelihood that the incident would prevent the individual from performing his or her duties consistent with the safety and welfare of students.
    • Circumstances surrounding the incident.
    • The amount of time elapsed since the incident occurred.
    • The applicant’s honest disclosure of information about the incident.
    • The nature, severity, number and consequences of the involved incidents.
      Additionally, each employee who is routinely assigned to transport students shall be responsible for reporting to Human Resources all moving violations within five days of conviction or admission of guilt.
  3. Employees who are routinely assigned to use their vehicles to transport students for school purposes shall provide evidence of a valid driver’s license and primary automobile liability coverage as required by South Dakota law. The District will provide excess coverage beyond primary automobile liability coverage. Employees who will be transporting students for school purposes should contact their insurance companies, informing the agent of this transportation. If for some reason an employee’s primary automobile insurance does not provide coverage, the employee will be considered insured under the District’s excess liability policy. Should an increase in premium be required for an employee to maintain his/her current level of coverage, the employee must submit written documentation of the increase in premium to the Business Manager. Upon validation and approval by the Business Manager, the District will reimburse the employee the cost of the increase.
  4. In case of an accident, the District shall assume no liability over and above any valid or collectable insurance.
  5. Mileage will be reimbursed for employees transporting students for school purposes at the established District rate. Reimbursement shall be claimed via the online in-district mileage claim form and at times specified by the Finance Office of the District. See Policy EEBB – Use of Private Vehicles on School Business.


Legal Reference:

32-5-147 Disclosure on proof of identity of requestor and representation of use for certain limited purposes.
18 USC 2721 Driver’s Privacy Protection Act

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Policy   Board Action (formerly 4159.3)
Adopted: 05-13-91 26143(O)  
Amended: 09-27-93 27432.3  
Amended: 01-10-00 29493  
Amended: 06-12-06 34446  
Amended: 09-22-08 35165  
Reviewed: 10-10-11 36192  
Reviewed: 08-12-13 36694  
Amended: 05-11-15 37211