Title I

First established by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, the Title I program continues to be the largest federally funded educational program. With a goal of “leveling the playing field,” Title I funds are available to schools with the highest level of poverty, as determined by the percentage of students qualifying for free or reduced lunch.

Believing that early intervention will make the most difference for students, the Sioux Falls School District has chosen to focus Title I funds at the elementary level. All Title I schools operate a Schoolwide Program, which means the Title I funds are used to improve the overall educational program for all students, rather than targeting specific students in a Targeted Assistance Program.

Parents Right to Know: Teacher Qualifications
What do I know about my child's teacher?
The federal education law put in place by the Elementary & Secondary Education Act (ESEA) requires that all parents in a Title I school be notified and given the opportunity to request information about the professional qualifications of classroom teachers instructing their child. You may request this through the building principal.
Long-Term substitutes who are not highly qualified:
The building principal will send a notice to each parent whose child has been assigned, or has been taught for 4 or more consecutive weeks by, a teacher who is not highly qualified. This notice will be sent within 10 school days of when the students is assigned, or, in case of a substitute teacher, by the 5th consecutive week the substitute is in the classroom.

Schools operating a Title I program are:

Anne Sullivan Elementary
3701 E 3rd Street
Cleveland Elementary
1000 S Edward Dr.
Elementary Immersion Center
2511 W. Brookings Street
Garfield Elementary
705 S. Roberts Dr.
Hawthorne Elementary
601 N. Spring Ave.
Hayward Elementary
400 N. Valley View Road
Horace Mann Bridges Elementary
1401 E 26th Street
Laura B Anderson Elementary
1600 N. Wayland Ave.
Lowell Elementary
710 W. 18th Street
Terry Redlin Elementary
1721 E. Austin Street

Tripper Bus Information

Boarding the Bus:

Do not wave down the Yellow school buses. Simply be standing at the stop location and the bus will come to you. If nobody is standing at a stop location, the bus will not come to a complete stop at that location. It will drive on past. However, we will not leave a bus stop before it’s listed loading time.

Discipline Statement:

The School District’s “Rules of Student Conduct and Discipline” apply to bus Stops and on school Buses. Students need to remain seated while in route.

The HS Tripper route buses will be equipped with camera’s to monitor activity on these buses. Students removed from the bus for discipline issues will not receive refunds for their bus pass. For a full list of Sioux Falls School District Policies.

The high school “Tripper” bus routes will be done by School Bus Inc. High School students riding the “Tripper” buses will load/unload on YELLOW school buses. Stop locations have changed as well.

Any student who purchases a HS “Tripper” routes bus pass at the schools each month, can use that same bus pass to ride any City SAM bus the same month. However, SAM city bus passes will not work on HS Tripper routes.

“Tripper bus” tickets can only be purchased from the Parking Lot Attendant at your school.

Bus Pass Pricing:

Bus Passes will be sold by the month. After and including the 15th of each month, Bus Passes will be sold at half price.
$6.00 for students who qualify for free lunch.
$12.00 for students who qualify for reduced lunch.
$30.00 full price ticket.

Early Childhood

Special Education
Head Start

The Sioux Falls School District believes that the early years of a child’s life are critical in their lifelong development. Research documents the importance of quality early childhood education in school achievement and higher graduation rates as well as later in life as higher wage earners and less criminal and social services involvement. The District offers programs for eligible children ages 3 through the time they enter Kindergarten. The Early Childhood Program is free for qualified families. By contacting the early Childhood Screening and Evaluation Office and making an appointment for a screening, parents/guardians can learn if their child may be eligible for a preschool experience in the District.

Parents can learn more about their child’s overall development and learning. Screenings for infants and toddler happen in the home or other familiar environments. Day or evening appointments for preschool screenings, ages 3 to 5, are located at 1101 North Western Avenue or at local child care facilities if requested for multiple children. To make an appointment for a screening, please call (605) 367-8488.

Early Childhood Screening and Evaluation Center

Infant and Toddler Services

Infant and toddler services are available to children birth to age three whom are determined to have a delay in their development through a multi-disciplinary evaluation. Services are provided in the home or natural setting as determined by the Individual Family Service Plan team.

Early Childhood Preschool Experiences

The Sioux Falls School District has quality early childhood experiences available for eligible children ages three through the time they enter Kindergarten. A research-based curriculum, High/Scope, actively engages children in developmentally appropriate activities to encourage language, social, cognitive, adaptive and motor development as outlined in the South Dakota Early Learning Guidelines. Preschool experiences are planned by highly qualified staff and funded with dollars provided by federal and local initiatives such as Head Start, Title 1, and Special Education. By contacting the early Childhood Screening and Evaluation Office at (605) 367-8488 and making an appointment for a screening, parents/guardians can learn if their child may be eligible for a preschool experience in the District.

Located at these Elementary Schools:

  • Anne Sullivan
  • Cleveland
  • Garfield
  • Harvey Dunn
  • Hawthorne
  • Hayward
  • Laura B. Anderson
  • Lowell
  • R. F. Pettigrew
  • Terry Redlin

The Early Childhood Special Education Program provides an individualized approach to instruction for children birth to school age. The child must demonstrate a developmental delay or disability to be eligible.
Developmental skills are pre- and post-tested to show gains while in the program. The program stresses:

  1. Concrete, manipulative, and sensory teaching methodologies, including movement.
  2. Sequenced developmental approach to learning.
  3. Home visits to develop activities in the home routine to support learning.
  4. The belief that parents can help reinforce learning in the home and school, a parent/school partnership. 

The infant and toddler components are located at Central Services with all services to infant and toddlers delivered in their natural environment.
All Early Childhood Special Education locations provide for interdisciplinary team planning, interagency involvement as appropriate, transition activities to prepare for the next program needs and parent involvement activities. 

Head Start

Looking for more information about our Early Childhood programs, or want to make an appointment for Head Start/Preschool, please fill out this form and we will contact you.