The Sioux Falls School District’s high school science curriculum is guided by the South Dakota state standards. These standards define for all students what they must know in the following strands: life science, earth/space science, physical science and the nature of science.

The curriculum provides students with the opportunity to participate in science inquiry using the 5e’s learning cycle to guide them as they explore, engage, explain their learning, evaluate and extend their learning. The goals of high school science are to foster the students’ innate curiosity about the world, provide an opportunity to practice the skills of inquiry, investigation, reasoning, and communication, use technology as a tool to extend the mind and help gather, analyze, and communicate information, develop the awareness of relationships within the world and responsibilities as global citizens, and collaborate with other students understandings of science concepts, ideas, and processes.

The Content and Achievement Standards provide a listing of essential core content to be taught and learned. They are designed to guide the planning of instruction and to anchor the assessment of learning. The Alternate Content Standards for each area expand the developmental spectrum of the S.D. Content and Achievement Standards for students with significant disabilities while guiding instruction and assure all students access to the general education curriculum.