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The high school education program is designed to provide comprehensive and appropriate instruction to all ninth through twelfth-grade students. All high school courses are aligned to state and district learning standards. Students are required to complete 22 credits to graduate.

The Sioux Falls School District has developed an academic planning process for high school students. The purpose is to guide students to courses that will help them determine career options. The District course selection guides include general studies, technical schools, and state universities, most colleges and universities, and highly selective universities. Students, along with their parents and guardians, choose the academic path that fits their career plans and provides the greatest opportunity for individual success.

High school teachers provide instruction in Applied Arts, English/Language Arts, Fine, and Performing Arts, Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps Program, Mathematics, Health, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, and World Language.

Support interventions are available for students through reading supports and Special Education Services. English Language Learner services provide support for students learning the English language.

High school students receive additional services through special education. Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are written for students identified for instructional support in core areas and are served in the resource rooms. RISE sites offer inclusive instruction for students with significant learning delays.

Accelerated and Advanced Placement courses are offered in the areas of Computer Science, English, Mathematics, Music, Science, Social Studies, and World Language. The Accelerated and Advanced Placement programs provide a rigorous curriculum for students who select a more challenging course of study. Principals have the discretion of allowing a 9-10 grade student to enroll in an AP course.

All teachers provide sound instruction to students in all subject areas. Many research-based strategies and a variety of tools, including technology are used to actively engage students. Students need to think analytically, problem solve, find and evaluate information, communicate effectively, and collaborate with one another in order to succeed in the world today and in the future.

High School Course Information & Career Planning