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The Sioux Falls School District elementary education program is designed to provide comprehensive and appropriate instruction to all kindergarten through fifth-grade students with core subjects being aligned to the SD Content Standards. Our elementary teachers provide instruction in English language arts (reading and writing), mathematics, science, health, and social studies. Our teachers are committed to providing a high-quality education using research-based curriculum and instructional strategies to engage students in learning.

Differentiated teaching and learning is important to personalizing instruction to meet the needs of our students. All classroom teachers have access to intervention programs which incorporate a variety of instructional approaches to respond to the individual learning needs, interests and readiness of students.

In addition, our elementary buildings provide support to struggling readers, English language learners, students identified as gifted, and students who are being served on an Individual Education Plan.

We take pride in knowing that we have 23 elementary buildings which reflect the unique characteristics of the students who attend them. Yet, have a common mission to educate and prepare each student to succeed in a changing world.

Elementary Gifted Education

The Sioux Falls Elementary Gifted Program is designed to respond to the unique needs and special characteristics of gifted students by providing an opportunity for students to pursue and develop their potential for excellence.

The Elementary Gifted Program (EGP) goals are to:

  • Provide appropriately challenging and in-depth learning experiences
  • Support interaction between intellectual peers
  • Foster the development of skills for self-directed learning
  • Encourage the awareness of one’s potential in society
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking

The Elementary Gifted Program provides enrichment and acceleration in math and science to students identified as Gifted. Students engage in units of study focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) designed to specifically challenge the gifted learner.

Identification for the SFSD Gifted Program uses a matrix that incorporates standardized test data to identify students. Identification can be initiated by parents, guardians, teachers, principals, or students. Referrals or questions can be directed to building principals, teachers, or Elementary Gifted Program staff.

Special Education

The Elementary Special Education Program offers a full continuum of services to children with special education needs. Each of the 23 elementary schools offers specialized instruction to meet the individualized needs of students eligible for special education. Students are identified through a referral and evaluation process. Each student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) indicates the skill areas to be addressed, the instructional placement, and the necessary modifications.

Junior Kindergarten

Junior Kindergarten is a free educational opportunity for families who have a student who is eligible to attend kindergarten based on age but do not believe their child is ready emotionally, socially, and/or academically for the rigor involved in a Kindergarten classroom.

Students must be 5 by September 1st of the current school year to participate in our SFSD Junior Kindergarten program. We have 3 locations with 2 programming options for enrollment. Please contact the school that you would like to enroll your student in.