New Multi Media Specialist, Carly Uthe

We are proud to present one of the Sioux Falls School District's newest employees, Carly Uthe! She joins the Community Relations and Community Education department at the Instructional Planning Center this summer, and she'll be taking on a big role with our social media accounts, design, photo and video production, and more. Please meet her!

Carly Uthe

Hello, everyone!

My name is Carly Uthe and I am a Sioux Falls native and the new Multi-Media Specialist here at the District! I’m still feeling a little in awe that I get to be writing this “Meet Carly” bio to you all as this position is a dream job for me.

My love for writing, media, and all things creative started at a very young age. The summer after I “graduated” from Laura Wilder Elementary, before entering middle school at Edison, my parents signed me up for an introduction into broadcasting Community Education class called, “Lights, Camera, Action!” instructed by Jeff Little. Yes, the Jeff Little who just retired, which opened this dream position I’m now currently in. Talk about full circle!

I became even more passionate about the camera, storyline, and production process when I took two media studies classes in high school, which at that time were held at Lincoln. (I am beyond jealous of the CTE kids and everything they have access to now!)

I graduated from Lincoln High School in 2009 and after graduation, like many graduates, I had the urge to move a big city to get out of the “small town” of Sioux Falls. Moving away gave me an entirely different appreciation for this hidden gem of a city. I don’t ever plan on leaving this beautiful place ever again. (Well, aside from traveling. 😉) 

After living in the cities for a little under a year, I moved back to Sioux Falls and started attending Augustana University pursuing my love for writing and media once again. I graduated from Augustana in 2014 with a double major in communications and journalism.

Throughout college I worked as a production assistant, and eventually the weekend reporter, for Keloland News. After graduation I was the Director of Marketing for Northwestern Mutual and most recently, I was with Chelsea’s Boutique for three years as their Content Manager.

I knew, however, that my heart belongs in the school district. I come from a family who have a true passion for students and the Sioux Falls School District. My wonderful mom has been in the District for over 20 years as the secretary for Early Childhood, my aunt just recently retired this spring and had been with the District in various positions ranging from teacher to administration for many, many years, and I have cousins who are now teachers in the District.

To say this position is the perfect fit is an understatement. I am incredibly excited to bring my experiences and talents to the District and help continue to work towards the mission of educating and preparing students for this ever changing world we live in.

Community Relations Changes 2018-2019

Who We Are

The Sioux Falls School District is committed to not only being open and transparent with all our stakeholders, but it’s also a key part of the District’s Strategic Plan to create, facilitate, and foster community engagement through as many channels as possible.  This commitment affords the opportunity for community, parents, and students to ask questions, get answers, and provide feedback throughout our daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly work.

Significant pieces of that engagement are done through a small department in the Sioux Falls School District: Community Relations.

Our department consists of seven employees: 1. The Community Relations Supervisor (DeeAnn Konrad), 2. the Community Education Adult Programs Specialist (Melodee Kloiber), 3. the Community Education Youth Programs Specialist (Kelli Fahey), 4. the Community Relations Clerical (Maritza Carrizales), 5. the Website Designer/Developer (Megan Daly), 6. the Communications Specialist (Ben Schumacher), and 7. a Multi-Media Specialist (coming soon). The multi-media specialist position has been changed from a Media Equipment Specialist position previously held by Jeff Little, who recently retired after more than 44 years with the Sioux Falls School District.

If you’re somehow not familiar with the work of Community Education, please check us out. There are classes year-round with local experts in every area from carpentry to kayaking, and from beading to creating culinary masterpieces. Learners of every age are benefitting from summer band programs, babysitting classes, and lessons in languages, art, photography, Microsoft Office products, and many others. Seriously – check out our catalog.

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Teacher Appreciation Week 2018

Teacher Appreciation Week

A message to teachers from South Dakota Department of Education Secretary Donald A. Kirkegaard:

Gov. Dennis Daugaard has proclaimed May 7-11 Teacher Appreciation Week in South Dakota, and I want to take this opportunity to extend a sincere thank you to all of South Dakota’s teachers. In my brief time as Secretary of Education, I have most enjoyed the opportunities I’ve had to visit schools across our state. You are doing great things for kids in your classrooms, and I want you to know your work does not go unnoticed.

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FY19 Budget Message

The following message from Dr. Brian Maher outlines the proposed FY19 budget, which the Sioux Falls School Board is expected to tentatively adopt on April 11, 2018. Final adoption will take place in July.

After South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard painted a gloomy future in his budget address ahead of the 2018 legislative session, the Sioux Falls School District set to brace itself for his predicted 0% increase in education funding in FY19.  When actual revenues were slightly better than projected, the District celebrated South Dakota lawmakers who found a 1% increase – or $1.3 Million.

Though considerably less than South Dakota law promises (3% or the rate of inflation, whichever is less – which would have amounted to a 1.7% increase), schools are once again called upon to pull up their bootstraps and do more with less while inflation notches higher. This means for yet another year the District is financially limited from meeting the increasingly complex social, emotional, and academic needs of today’s students. 

Despite ongoing funding challenges, the Sioux Falls School District remains committed to the four priorities in its Strategic Plan: Student Outcomes, District Staff, School Climate and Culture and Community Engagement.  The goals of this Strategic Plan must remain a focus at all costs because they keep staff and students moving forward in an ongoing quest to be better than they were the day before.  While working under financial constraints, the District ensures its patrons that course content is more relevant, academic expectations are higher, and there are more pathways than ever to give students choice in their pursuit of a high school diploma.

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