Modification Procedure

The Sioux Falls School District developed their Facility Specification Standards during the initial Capital Improvement Planning Process (CIP I) in 1996. A committee consisting of over 40 business, community and school leaders met for over a year in developing standards for each building level. The Standards provide a basis for "Equity across the District for all Facilities."

The Standards outline all programmed physical space and materials to be used within a facility. In developing the standards, the committee recognized the District's facilities were constructed over a long period of time ranging from 1916 to current day. They determined that all facilities could not be brought up to the perfect standard so they developed an acceptable range of Standards for existing facilities.

During the Capital Improvement Planning II (CIP II) process in 2001, the District actively solicited community and staff to review the standard and recommend necessary changes for continued educational improvements relating to the facilities. Several modifications were received, reviewed and approved for Standard modifications. The current Standards reflect the CIP II School Board approved changes.

As the educational delivery process, technology and society continue to change; the District must keep pace with required facility modifications necessary for continued educational improvement. By developing a continuous Facility Specification Standards modification procedure, the District can receive and review potential modifications as they occur. The following input and review procedures will be followed relating to Facility Specification Standards Modifications.


1. Submittal - Facility Specification Standards Modification Request Form

When a modification is needed to the existing Facility Specification Standards or when a new space is identified for educational instruction or support improvements, a Facility Standards Modification Request Form shall be submitted to the Office of Superintendent.

2. Superintendent Executive Team Review*

The Superintendent and Executive team will review and research the request. If the request is preliminary approved, the request will go to the Director of Operational Services for a District impact review.

3. Operational Services District Impact Review

Operational Services will determine the impact of implementation District-wide, including potential cost estimates. When complete, the request and analysis will be submitted back to the Superintendent.

4. Superintendent/Cabinet Review*

Superintendent will review request and District impact information with Executive Team and Cabinet. If approved, the request and impact study will move to the School Board for approval.

5. School Board Review and Approval*

School Board will review the request and impact information then approve or reject the request for inclusion into the District’s Standards.

6. Capital Outlay Funding Process

Implementation of approved modifications will be submitted and prioritized within the District’s overall Capital Outlay budgeting process. Once approved in this process implementation will proceed, as funding is available.

* Levels at which the proposed modification is approved or rejected.