During the 2007-08 school year, the South Dakota Board of Education launched a new system of accreditation for school districts. It is a model that goes beyond simple regulatory checks and requires districts to regularly set goals, review their performance and plan for the future.  This rigorous accreditation process promises benefits for school districts as well as the students they serve.

The South Dakota Board of Education has granted the Sioux Falls School District full accreditation valid through the 2022-2023 school year. Click here to see the accreditation certificate.

In order to receive accreditation from the Board of Education, school districts must participate in a three-part accreditation and school improvement process.

Part One:

All districts seeking accreditation from the South Dakota Department of Education are required to submit yearly information to the department's Office of Data Collection through the Personnel Record Form (PRF) and Student Information Management System (SIMS). 

Part Two:

All districts seeking accreditation must institute a continuous school improvement plan as a part of accreditation. 

Part Three: 

All districts seeking accreditation are required to host an on site visit every five years.  The on site visits are conducted by a peer-review team that works with the district to review its goals, plans and progress.