In the fall of 2021, New Technology High School will transition to become a program within Jefferson High School. New Tech High School will now be called the Jefferson High School Project-Based Learning (PBL) Academy.

How will this impact the program?

This is an exciting change for New Tech! We will still be part of the New Tech Network of schools and continue to offer the same real-world model of Project-Based Learning we have offered for the past 10 years. As the Project-Based Learning Academy, we are still committed to giving students the core tenets of our model:

  • Cross-curricular, inquiry-based, real-world curriculums
  • Small group collaboration
  • Connection to hundreds of community partners
  • Presentations and final products to demonstrate mastery

Through this move, students will be able to reap the benefits that come from being at a larger school, including a wider variety of course offerings, the chance to participate in extracurricular activities, and more community recognition. However, because our program will be housed in a wing of Jefferson High School, we can still maintain our small community feel. Our school of choice will become a program of choice, so eighth-graders will still apply to attend and be transported from home schools.

What does this mean for my student?

The Jefferson Project-Based Learning Academy will continue to recruit students from across the Sioux Falls School District, recruiting at all 6 Middle Schools in Sioux Falls. We are excited about this transition and the opportunities it provides to our students. Being part of the Jefferson High School campus will make it possible for our students to learn the way they love to learn while doing all of their activities, clubs, sports, and the arts in one place, on the campus of Jefferson High School. Our students will continue to take the majority of their classes during their 4 years of High School in the walls of the PBL Academy, but as they become upperclassman they will have the opportunity to also take non PBL courses in the regular ed portion of the Jefferson High School building such as AP classes.

No matter what area of Sioux Falls our students come from they will play sports for Jefferson High School, sing in the Jefferson High School choir, play in the Jefferson High School bands and orchestra. They will be Jefferson Cavaliers!

Another wonderful aspect of our move is that our Project Based Learning Academy Students will still be located close to the Career and Technical Education Academy (CTE) and the Southeast Technical College (STC) campus. This will continue to help us promote our culture of preparing our students for their next steps in life. Getting a head start on college classes at STC for a four-year college program or starting to work toward a two-year degree through a program of study at STC our students will continue to have lots of opportunities. Our continued close proximity to CTE will also afford our students the ability to check out the many career-related options available through the CTE Academy.