Sioux Falls New Technology High School opened in August, 2010 with 106 students.

The Sioux Falls School District is dedicated to implementing the New Tech model through project based learning, which teaches exploration and inquiry while students engage in smaller learning communities to master SD graduation requirements. New Tech H.S. is a school of choice; 8th grade students complete an application if they wish to attend and are randomly chosen by lottery in order to be selected as a student. Students in upper grades can transfer into New Tech pending a transcript evaluation and a meeting with New Tech Administration. Interested parents can contact the school.

Students at New Tech work in a 2:1 computer environment researching, communicating and solving real problems in our community. Traditional freshman high school courses such as English and Speech, and Global Issues, Algebra and Physical Science are combined as students research and problem solve issues that impact our city, state and/or nation.

Sioux Falls New Tech uses an innovative curriculum to engage students as they develop presentations to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. Grades are determined on factors such as Content Knowledge, Collaboration, Oral and Written Communication and Agency (work ethic, grit and growth mindset). Students participate in internships and post-secondary coursework during their junior and senior years.

New Tech serves as a model in the community, the state and beyond - of innovative public education that is based on strong partnerships and focuses on educating and inspiring students to develop 21st Century Skills. Project based learning brings relevance to learning, and the collaborative approach to education prepares students to succeed at work, college, and in a global society.

Trust, respect and responsibility are hallmarks of the New Technology learning environment. Students and teachers alike take ownership of learning at this project based high school.