Dolly Anderson, Principal
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Learning at Sioux Falls New Technology High School is designed around problems or projects intended to engage students in meaningful learning experiences. Students are expected to master content and skills through the application of discovery learning and actively engaging research. Working collaboratively, students, and facilitators work to produce end products that illustrate student knowledge. With the integration of multiple technologies and collaborative tools, students are immersed in an academic environment that mirrors the professional work world. Students are issued a Chromebook that can be taken home, allowing students access to the web-based learning management program - Echo. This access allows them greater collaborative avenues and gives parents a transparent window into their student’s work.

At Sioux Falls New Technology High School, students and facilitators take great ownership and pride in the professional environment and familial level of care and concern invested in one another within our unique school setting. There are four pillars that all stakeholders commit to upholding during their time at New Tech

New Technology High School is rebranding!

We are currently in the process of designing a new logo and the new name will be the Jefferson High School Project-Based Learning (PBL) Academy. In the fall of 2021, New Tech High School will become a wing of our newest high school in the Sioux Falls School District, Jefferson High School. We are excited about this transition and the opportunities it provides to our students. Being part of the Jefferson High School campus will make it possible for our students to learn the way they love to learn while doing all of their activities, clubs, sports, music, etc…in one place, the campus of Jefferson High School.

Another aspect of the move is that Project Based Learning Academy students will still be located close to the Career and Technical Education Academy (CTE) and the Southeast Technical College (STC) campus, allowing students to continue preparing for the next steps in their educational journey. Whether getting a head start on college classes at STC for a four-year college program or starting to work toward a two-year degree right at STC, the opportunities are endless. Close proximity to the CTE Academy also makes it easy for students to check out the many career-related options. If you have questions about this exciting transition to Jefferson High School, please feel free to contact us at (605) 367-5850.