One option for the graduating senior is to enlist in a branch of the military. There is literature available from all branches of the military service in the counseling office. Students may also receive valuable information from visiting with military representatives.

The ASVAB is a group of ten tests that measures one's aptitude or ability in seven separate career areas and provides an indication of one's academic and occupational aptitudes. The military services use the ASVAB scores to help determine the qualifications of young people for enlistment and to place them in occupational specialties. However, no military obligation is required by taking this battery of tests. The ASVAB is given annually at WHS.

The Reserve Officer Training Corps of the Army, Air Force and Navy (including the Marine option) offer an excellent scholarship program to the college-bound student willing to make a commitment to several years of active duty with the military after college. The ROTC scholarship provides an opportunity to attend a civilian college or university while studying officer training as part of the total undergraduate program. The application process for an ROTC scholarship is detailed and must be followed carefully. Deadlines for receiving application materials are early in the senior year and must be adhered to strictly. The selection process is lengthy. Any interested student should see their school counselor in the spring of their junior year or very early in their senior year for the application packet and detailed information.

Washington JROTC Students