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Boundaries and Bus information

School boundary assignments in the Sioux Falls School District are made according to the residence of the parent/guardian. The Sioux Falls School District provides transportation for eligible students in grades K-8. Eligible students must live in a designated bus area in order to receive transportation.

To determine which school a Sioux Falls School District student is eligible to attend or if they are eligible for transportation, enter the students address and grade in the Boundaries and Bus Mapping Tool.

Instructions for Boundaries and Bus Mapping Tool

  1. Click the Street Address field and type the address of the student you want to examine. You can enter part of the street name if you are not sure of the spelling and want to select from a list of matching names. (You need to enter the entire house number.)
  2. Grade field is set to default to all grades or choose a single grade by pressing the drop down-arrow or entering a grade.  Kindergarten is grade KG, preschool grades are PA for preschool AM and PM for preschool PM. 
  3. Choose GO to have the system analyze your entries to find the address, then determine which school the student is eligible to attend. SCHOOL NAMES THAT INCLUDE THE WORDS PRESCHOOL OR CLUSTER ARE NOT CHOICE SCHOOLS. THEY ARE PLACEMENT SITES. 

Transportation types

  • "Eligible" or "Eligible because of hazard" indicates your address is within a busing area. You can click on the school name and another table appears with information on the school's stops.
  • "Not Eligible," indicates that your address is not eligible for transportation. However, if you click on the school name and view the table, some bus stops may appear. These are for specific special education students. They are NOT available stops for regular students. 

Check with the system administrator at (605) 367-7276 for assistance.