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New Math Curriculum To Meet Common Core Standards

Last modified Monday, 28 January 2013

The District’s middle and high school students will be introduced to a new mathematics curriculum in the fall of 2013 that meets goals of the Common Core Standards – a national initiative to re-align mathematical concepts so each state teaches the same concepts in every grade.

The mathematics curriculum study began in the fall of 2011as the K-12 Steering Committee reviewed Common Core standards and identified similarities and differences between these and the current state standards. The committee met throughout the 2011-12 school year to study best practices in math instruction and discuss elements that would be expected in a quality math program.

The new middle school standards provide a coherent and rich preparation for high school mathematics. The curriculum is divided into six basic domains and critical areas must be mastered before students can find success at the next level. The most significant change at the middle school level is the rigor of the standards. Middle school special education students will learn the same standards while being provided additional scaffolding, explicit instruction, additional practice and frequent progress monitoring.

Since the high school standards call on students to practice applying mathematical ways of thinking to real world issues and challenges in preparation for college and career readiness, additional resources will be made available to teachers to provide challenging, hands-on learning opportunities for students at all ability levels. English Language Learners will have an opportunity to learn Algebra I content over a two-year timeframe. Additional materials and professional development are available for high school special education instruction to ensure all students can achieve the same success.

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