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51st Annual Recognition Banquet

Last modified Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Sioux Falls School District invites the public to join us in thanking the employees who will be retiring by attending the 51st Annual Recognition Banquet on Wednesday, April 25, 2012 at Ramkota Exhibit Hall, 3200 West Maple Street.  Those being honored at this year's banquet will receive complimentary tickets to the banquet.

All others, please visit to purchase tickets to the banquet.
Our 2011-12 retirees follow:


Carmody, CJ
Messick, Diana

Education Assistants

Benson, Donna


Krouse, Norma


Brierly, Dennis


Bartels, Lester
Letsche, Gary 


Baedke, Twila
Baloun, Linda
Becker, Nancy
Bertrand, Steve
Boer, Margene
Bruggeman, Rosemary
Bukrey, Debra
Bultena, Marlin
Butler-Gratzfeld, Patricia
Draayer, Julie
Easter, Jeffery
Erickson, Elynn
Fiala, Duane
Geppert, Gary
Greeno, Susan
Hildring, Sandra
Hoiland, Pamela
Hoisington, Doug
Jacobson, Kimberly
Johnson, Deborah
Johnson, Karla
Kangas, Sharon
Mauss, Shirley
Monger, Mary
Murra, Pamela
Olson, Susan C
Peiper, Michael
Pitz, Candace
Poppinga, Dean
Smith, Eric
Sorlien, Marion
Standaert, Mary
Talley-Tlustos, Jean
Timm, Jayne