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Agenda-Regular Meeting

SIOUX FALLS SCHOOL BOARD                              KENT ALBERTY
OCTOBER 13, 2014   4:45 P.M.                             PRESIDENT

201 E. 38TH STREET, SIOUX FALLS                      SUPERINTENDENT


 1.  Call to Order

 2.  Executive Session - SDCL 1-25-2 (2)

 3.  Call Back to Order (5:30 p.m.)

 4.  Pledge of Allegiance
 5.  Approval of Minutes of Meetings Held September 22, and October 1, 2014
      (9-22-14)  (10-1-14)

 6.  Persons Wishing to Address the School Board

 7.  Approval of Agenda

 8.  Good News Report

 9.  Approval of Consent Agenda
      A.  Approval of September 2014 Payroll in the amount of $11,713,407.30 (See Exhibit)
      B.  Approval of Claims in the amount of $16,239,422.83  (See Exhibit)
           Exhibit Reposted at 2:45 p.m., 10/13/2014
      C. Approval of Bid Awards  (See Exhibit)
          1.  Vendors for Multipurpose Copy Paper
          2.  Contractor for Snow Removal Services
     D.  Approval of Authorizations and Ratifications  (See Exhibit)
          1.  Acceptance of Donations
          2.  Approval of Disposal of Surplus District Property
          3.  Approval of Purchase Orders (over $15,000)
          4.  Approval of Contracts
          5.  Approval of Contract Additions and/or Deductions (Change Orders)
          6.  Acceptance of Contracts as Complete
          7.  Approval of and/or Denial of Petitions for Residency Determination
          8.  Authorization to Renew Agreement with Wellmark
          9.  Approval of Modification to Facility Specification Standards
     E.  Approval of Finance Report  (See Exhibit)
     F.  Approval of Personnel Report - K-12  (See Exhibit)
    G.  Approval of Personnel Report - Southeast Tech  (See Exhibit)

10. Supplemental Consent Agenda
     A.  Approval of Claims to Sanford Healthcare System
          1.  Sanford Medical Center in the amount of $43,609.33 for professional services
          2.  Sanford Occupational Medicine Clinic in the amount of $1,019.50 for professional services
          3.  Sanford Medical Center in the amount of $450.00 for dues and fees
     B.  Approval of Claims to Parker Transfer Moving & Storage in the amount of $35.00 for
          professional services

11. Reports of the Superintendent
     A.  K-12 2014 Fall Enrollment Report  (See Exhibit)
     B.  2014 District Demographics Report  (See Exhibit)
     C.  Public Hearing - 5-Year Waiver from the SD Department of Education for
          High School Students to Complete Spanish I through Equivalency Exams  (See Exhibit)

12. Review/Revision of Sioux Falls School District Policies/Regulations (See Exhibit)
     A.  Policy DFF - Sales & Disposal of Surplus Property
     B.  Policy ECF - Energy Conservation
     C.  Policy EFI - Food Services Records and Reports
     D.  Policy JEBA - Ages of Attendance
     E.  Policy/Regulation JJH/JJH-R - Student Travel
     F.  Policy/Regulation JLCC/JLCC-R - Communicable/Infectious Diseases
    G.  Policy/Regulation KEB/KEB-R - Public Concerns/Complaints about Personnel

13. First Reading of Policy IMG/IMG-R - Animal Control in School  (See Exhibit)

14. Executive Session - SDCL 1-25-2 (1)

15. Adjournment