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SF Students More Engaged, Hopeful than Peers

Last modified Monday, 27 January 2014
Sioux Falls Public School students feel more hopeful about the future, are more engaged and involved in school, and tend to have a more positive outlook on the present and future than their national peers. Those findings are according to the results of a nation-wide Gallup Student Poll which included 616,203 students from around the country.

Gallup’s research has shown that hope, engagement and well-being are key factors that drive students’ grades, achievement scores, retention and future employment. In Sioux Falls, 8,681 students, grades 5-12, were polled in the following areas: Hope – the ideas and energy we have for the future; Engagement – involvement and enthusiasm for school; and Well-Being – how we think about and experience our lives. Hope drives effort in academic achievement, credits earned, and retention of students of all ages. Engagement reflects how well students are known and how often they get to do what they do best. Well-Being demonstrates how students are doing today and predicts their success in the future.

Poll results indicate Sioux Falls students are not only generally more hopeful, positive and engaged in school than the national average, but are also answering at consistent percentages with the 2012 poll. Even with great results, the District is committed to continuing to help enhance students’ sense of hope to thereby improve student success.
District schools will continue to participate in the annual administration of the Gallup Student Poll and plan continued interventions for improvement.

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