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English Language Learners (ELL)

ELL Coordinator

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The English Language Learner (ELL) program is designed to provide support to students who have limited English proficiency in grades K-12. The program is aligned to the state English Language Proficiency standards. ELL teachers are highly qualified and provide instruction in reading, writing, speaking and listening. All limited English language learners are assessed for their language proficiency to determine program placement.

Three programming levels are available for students:
  1. Intensive English / Immersion Center Programs
    • Students who are new to the United States receive intensive English language support for up to two years in an inclusive classroom. Programming is provided at: Jane Addams, Axtell, Lincoln, Washington and Roosevelt. 
  2. Pullout English (Elementary)
    • Students spend up to two hours daily in specialized ELL classrooms and are integrated into other classes through out the school day. Programming is provided at: Anne Sullivan, Laura B. Anderson, Terry Redlin, Longfellow, Lowell, Cleveland, Hawthorne, and Rosa Parks.
  3. Sheltered instruction (Middle School and High School)
    • Students spend additional time in a Sheltered Language Arts classroom that focuses on continued English Language development. They learn grade-level math math, science and social studies in Sheltered courses that have smaller class sizes. Instruction focuses on building language skills while learning academic content. Programming is provided at Whittier, Axtell Park, Washington, Lincoln and Roosevelt.

Students exit the program when they test proficient on the WIDA ACCESS test that is administered annually.

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL for 2013-14 is August 20 for all students! See you then!