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Kids Inc. After School Enrichment

Kids Inc., a division of the Curriculum Services department of the Sioux Falls School District, provides after school enrichment at all Sioux Falls School District Elementary Schools.

Kids Inc. provides a safe setting with embedded learning for children kindergarten through fifth grade during after school hours until 6:00 pm. This program is designed for children who will benefit from enrichment activities in groups with a 15 to 1 ratio. We are happy to make reasonable accommodations for children as long as we are able to maintain our 15 to 1 staffing ratio.

Our enrichment program strives to be fun, challenging, and inviting and to use innovative ideas and activities to promote children’s learning. The program is conducted and planned by a staff trained to meet the needs of children and to provide positive adult role models.

**Please feel free to visit our Kids Inc. website for more information at or click on the link below to view a short video.

Sample Schedule

The following is a sample of what the daily schedule may be like for Kids Inc.:

Snacks and large muscle activities (gym or outside)
Teacher-directed activities to include: hands-on learning activities, creative thinking, problem solving, communication and the use of technology.
Homework opportunity, DEAR (Drop Everything And Read), games, etc.

Tuition Fees

There is a $20 non-refundable enrollment fee per child. This will process the enrollment and also guarantee that your child(ren) will have first priority with Kids Inc. in the years to come. The bi-weekly tuition rates are as follows: 

Regular rate $78.00/bi-weekly
Reduced lunch rate $63.00/bi-weekly*
Free lunch rate $48.00/bi-weekly*

*Proof of eligibility is required for free or reduced tuition rates. You must give Child Nutrition permission to share your status with the Kids Inc. program (consent forms available upon request).


Enrollment for the current school year (2014/15) is open to all families now. Please call the Kids Inc. office at 367-4424 to determine space availability as some of our sites are at full capactiy.

Once availability is confirmed, you may properly complete the enrollment form in its entirety and submit the appropriate bi-weekly payment, along with the $20 enrollment fee, if applicable. Form and payment will need to be submitted by the Wednesday before your child(ren)'s start date. Anything submitted after that may result in your child(ren) starting on the next start date (typically every two weeks).

2015/16 School Year Enrollment Process:
Current Kids Inc. families are registering as of January 6, 2015 and will have first priority until approximately February 18th; however, spaces fill on a first come, first serve basis and current families may add incoming kindergartners at this time so there may not be as many spaces available for all current families. 

Sioux Falls School District employees will be able to register starting February 18th until March 4th.
If you have an incoming kindergartner, please call 367-4424 to learn about the enrollment process at your child's school.

If you have children on the 2014/15 school year waiting list you may call starting at 8 a.m. on Monday, March 16th to put your name on next year's waiting list or secure a spot if any are still available. Waiting lists do no carry over from year-to-year.

Tuesday, March 17th starting at 8 a.m. enrollment will open up to any remaining Sioux Falls School District families. If we are full at your child's school we will put your name on a waiting list at that time for the 2015/16 school year.

Our Sites

School Name


Phone #

E-mail Address

All City

2511 W. Brookings

Ph: 215-2232
Laura B. Anderson

1600 N Wayland Ave.

Ph: 201-7712

1000 S. Edward Dr.

Ph: 215-2233

1506 Discovery Ave.

Ph: 201-7717
Harvey Dunn

2400 S. Bahnson Ave.

Ph: 496-5546
Eugene Field

501 S Highland

Ph: 201-7708
Robert Frost

3101 S. Fourth Ave.

Ph: 201-8344

2421 W. 15th St.

Ph: 215-2234

601 N Spring Ave.

Ph: 201-7705

400 N. Valley View Rd

Ph: 215-2235
Oscar Howe

2801 Valley View Rd.

Ph: 201-7718

1610 S. Lake Ave.

Ph: 215-2236

4501 S. Holbrook Ave.

Ph: 215-2237
John Harris

3501 E. 49th St.

Ph: 215-2238

1116 S 4th Ave.

Ph: 201-7714

710 W 18th St.

Ph: 201-7715
Horace Mann

1401 E 26th St.

Ph: 201-7706
Rosa Parks

5701 E Red Oak Dr.

Ph: 201-5628
R.F. Pettigrew

7900 W. 53rd St.

Ph: 212-3754
Terry Redlin

1721 E Austin St.

Ph: 201-7721

47260 258th St.

Ph: 951-4347
Anne Sullivan

3701 E 3rd St.

Ph: 201-1490
Mark Twain

315 W 27th St.

Ph: 201-7716
Laura Wilder

2300 S Lyndale Ave.

Ph: 201-7709