Child Nutrition Specialists Educational Assistants Employment Contract Staff Other
Assistant Manager Academy of Finance Facilitator Agency Behavior EA Academic Intervention Coordinator Access Control Monitor
Cafeteria Manager I Assessment Support Specialist Child Care Worker (FIC) Preschool Leader  
Clerk Behavior Facilitator - District Behavior Team Chromebook EA School Home Liaison - ELL Program or Migrant Program  
Cook Behavior Program Facilitator RISE, Roving, Early Childhood - Specialized EA School Home Liaison - Indian Education  
Equipment and Warehouse Specialist Behavior Specialist - District Behavior Team Community Trainer EA Tutor/Interpreter for the Hearing Impaired  
General Worker AM Behavior Specialist Elementary Library EA    
General Worker PM Bookkeeper Elementary Out of School Suspension EA    
Head Baker Community Facilitator Specialist Elementary Over-Enrollment - Migrant ELL EA    
Manager II Developmental Specialist GED School Based Program EA    
Plant Maintenance Technician Mechanical ELL Intake and Migrant Education Specialist Health EA - Headstart    
Registered Dietitian Family Services Facilitator High School Library Computer EA    
Specialist Federal Programs Specialist N-12 Joe Foss Behavior EA    
Supervisor Individualized Education Program Facilitator Lakota Language Classroom EA    
Truck Driver Commodities Integration Specialist Lunchbox EA    
Truck Driver General Worker OSS Classroom Supervisor Lunch Playground EA    
Payroll Specialist Middle School Computer Lab EA    
Preschool Opportunity Program (POP) Coordinator Middle School/High School General - Migrant EA    
  Student Success Facilitator Office Attendance EA    
  Time Management Specialist Preschool Assistant EA    
  Warehouse Specialist Ready Bodies Learning Minds EA    
  Resource, Personal, Early Childhood EA    
  School Store Assistant EA    
    Students Operating Successfully EA    
    Technology/Computer EA