Affiliate Coordinator IV Finance Accounts Payable Clerk II High School Library Clerk/Textbook Room Middle School Health Attendance Clerical II
Alternative Programs Clerical IV Finance Clerk II High School Music Department Clerical II Middle School Principal Clerical III
ATI Assessment and Evaluation III Finance Comptroller Clerical II High School Parking Lot Attendant Clerical I New Tech High Clerical II - Part time
ATI Department Clerical III Finance Executive Assistant High School Registrar IV New Tech High Clerical III
ATI Receptionist II Finance Payroll Clerk Human Resources Benefits Clerical IV Operations Services Clerical
Bilingual Grant Clerical II Finance Payroll Processor Human Resources Clerical II Southeast Technical Institute Clerical to Director IV
Central Registrar IV Finance Purchasing .50 Clerk Human Resources Clerical III Special Services - FLEX Clerical II
Child Nutrition Clerk I Finance Purchasing Clerk Human Resources Receptionist II Special Services Clerical - Secondary Services III
Child Nutrition Clerk II Finance Purchasing Clerk Invoicing Human Resources Substitute Caller Clerk II Special Services Clerical - Tuition/Billing and Data Reporting III
Child Nutrition Clerk/Receptionist III Finance Purchasing Clerk Stock Requisitions Human Resources/Legal Services Executive Assistant Special Services Clerical II
CTE Academy 10 Month Clerical II Finance Receptionist II Human Resources/Legal Services Staff Attendance Clerical III Special Services Confidential Executive Assistant
CTE Academy 12 Month Clerical III Headstart Health Clerical II Human Resources/Payroll Support Clerical III Special Services ECH-SPED Clerical III
Curriculum Services Athletics/PE Clerical III Health Services Clerical III Instructional Planning Center 10 Month Clerical II Special Services ECSE Clerical II
Curriculum Services Clerical to the Director IV High School 10 Month Attendance Clerk II Joe Foss Alternative Clerical II Special Services Headstart Clerical III
Curriculum Services Elementary, Middle School Clerical II High School 10 Month Counselor Clerical II Middle School 10 Month Clerical II Special Services Medicaid Clerical III
Curriculum Services High School and Fine Arts Clerical II High School 10 Month Typist Discipline Clerk II Middle School 9 Month Clerical II Special Services Psychologist Clerical II
Curriculum Services Staff Development, Libraries, Federal Programs Clerical III High School 12 Month Principal Clerical IV Middle School 9 Month Clerk Typist I Superintendent Executive Assistant
Curriculum Services Title I Migrant Education Program/ELL Intake II High School 9 Month JDC Enrollment Clerical I Middle School 9 Month Clerk Typist II Transportation - Purchasing Specialist
Elementary 10 Month Lead Clerical III High School 9,10 or 12 Month Clerical II Middle School 9 Month Library Clerk I Travel - Purchasing Specialist
Elementary 9 or 10 Month Clerical II High School 9/10 Month Clerical I Middle School Counselor Clerical III