Middle School Hours

Office Hours 7:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday
  Start Time Dismissal Time  
Odyssey 9:15 am 3:15 pm Monday through Friday
FLEX Special Education 8:15 am 2:45 pm Monday through Friday
Structured Teach 9:15 am 3:15 pm Monday through Friday
Success Academy 9:15 am 3:15 pm Monday through Friday

Data Information

All schools in the District are submitting their School Improvement Plan to the Board for approval prior to submitting them to the State. The Plans, developed by a team of parents, community members and staff, serve as a roadmap for future planning and professional development and measure student achievement.

Each school has a building leadership team that meets regularly throughout the year to guide the development, implementation, and evaluation of the School Improvement Plan. Building leadership teams divide the larger plan into smaller segments with the following focuses: staff roles, goals, meetings summary, data processes, priorities and strategies, and the professional development plan.

This document guides the work in order to meet the District’s mission, priority statements from the Strategic Plan, and the achievement goals set by the South Dakota Department of Education.


Fall Enrollment


Welcome to Axtell Park Building

Axtell Park provides opportunities which encourage all students to grow and develop intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically as they work to complete their high school educations in a nontraditional setting.

The high school program at Axtell Park seeks to reduce the number of dropouts, to recover students who have dropped out and wish to return, and to offer students classes required to earn a diploma. The middle school level offers a short term behavioral modification program that addresses academics, behavior, chemical dependency education and prevention, and counseling.

Focus. Fortitude. Finish!