Honors Program

The Middle School Honors Gifted Education Program offers gifted education students acceleration and enrichment of core curriculum in the areas of language arts, social studies, and science. In addition, sixth grade Honors Gifted Education students receive acceleration in math. Providing academic challenge for highly capable learn-ers, classes include greater breadth and depth of subject matter, a wide variety of learning processes and teaching methods, and high expectations for student work and achievement.


Spanish Immersion

The Sioux Falls School District’s Middle School Spanish Immersion Center, located at Edison Middle School, will provide continued learning and growth in the Spanish language for your child. Students in this program will:

  • Learn science, social studies and language arts content entirely in Spanish.
  • Master the same content standards in science and social studies as non-immersion students.
  • Improve literacy skill in both Spanish language arts and in English language arts.
  • Develop language proficiency in Spanish (speaking, reading, writing, viewing, listening).
  • Demonstrate confidence in using the Spanish language.
  • Develop an understanding of and appreciation of Spanish culture.


Parent Advocates for Spanish Immersion (PASI) advocates and supports the Spanish Immersion program in the Sioux Falls Public Schools. Their primary focus are interns who enhance the language and cultural experience in the classrooms and community.
W: https://www.pasisf.org/