Quarantine Mask Requirements

The school board revised the requirement for the 14-day quarantine for close contacts as part of the District’s Return to Learn plan. These changes will apply to close contacts whose exposure occurred in the school setting, and both the positive case and the close contact were masked when the exposure occurred. For this setting, the 14-day quarantine is now recommended, but not required if specific conditions are met.

A person identified by the school as a close contact may return to school IF:

  • The positive case was wearing a mask
  • The close contact was wearing a mask when exposed
  • The exposure occurred in a school setting
  • The person has no COVID-related symptoms
  • The parent/guardian has called the school to confirm eligibility to return
  • The close contact MUST monitor for symptoms daily and wear a mask during the 14-day quarantine.
  • The Intent to Return form is turned into the school upon return